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Civil Process

Sheriff's Sales, Foreclosure Listings, Process Services

  • Sheriff’s Sales

    A sheriff’s sale is a public auction of real property which takes place at the end of the foreclosure process. The terms “foreclosure” and “sheriff’s sale” are used interchangeably on this web site.

  • Foreclosure Listings

    A foreclosure occurs when payments have not been made on a mortgaged property. As a result, the lender files suit in Superior Court to terminate the property owner’s rights of possession so that the lender may sell the property to recover its loss. If the lender prevails, the court then directs the sheriff to schedule the property for sale.

  • Process Services

    The Legal Services Division handles a large volume of paperwork in connection with the processing and service of Summons and Complaints, Notices of Motion, Orders to Show Cause, Subpoenas, Writs of Replevin, Writs of Possession and Writs of Execution.

  • When and Where

    Sales are held on Mondays at 2:00 pm. If a legal holiday falls on a Monday, the sale is conducted the subsequent day on Tuesday.

  • To attend a sale, please promptly arrive prior to 2:00 pm in the Sheriff's Office in the basement of the Warren County Courthouse, 413 Second Street, Belvidere NJ 07823.

    To confirm a property sale date you may call Michele Lake at (908) 475-6393. Sales may be adjourned at a moment's notice, therefore it may be prudent to phone our office just prior to traveling to attend a sale.

    The most efficient way to research a sale is by the property address or the sheriff's case number.

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Citizens who have information relating to criminal activity and wanted persons can call the sheriffs HOTLINE: 24 HOURS, 7 DAYS A WEEK. Information is kept confidential and callers may remain anonymous.
1-877-ARREST U (1-877-277-3788)