Warren County Correctional Center
175 South CR 519
Belvidere, NJ 07823
(908)475-7900   fax: (908)475-5953

Inmate Mail Guidelines

Warren County Correctional Center

All inmates housed at the Warren County Correctional Center are allowed to receive mail and other written correspondence.  Incoming mail must contain the sender’s name and address, the inmate’s name, number, and the address of the facility.


Incoming mail (Example)

Jane Doe
55 Main Street
Any town, NJ 12345

John Doe #1111
175 County Route 519 South
Belvidere, NJ 07823-1950


Books & Magazines

Inmates are permitted to receive books and magazines sent directly from the publisher.


Money Orders

Money orders received through the mail are permitted.  Money orders must contain the sender’s name and address.  Money orders received through the mail will be credited to the inmate’s account.  The Inmate Account Clerk will give the inmate a receipt for monies received through incoming correspondence.  Personal checks and cash should not be sent through the mail.  The Correctional Center will not be responsible for lost checks or currency sent through the mail.


Prohibited Items

The following items are considered contraband and will not be accepted:

Postage stamps

Photographs of a sexual nature


Permitted items sent in excess of stated facility limits

Items which exceed reasonable safety, security, sanitary, or space considerations

Blank envelopes

Envelopes with foreign objects attached to them, including but not limited to, stickers, crayon drawings, and lipstick, will not be accepted.  Mail of this nature will be returned to the sender.